Which parts can be replaced on your iPhone

Which parts can be replaced on your iPhone? This is often a tough question to answer. It has been known all over that an iPhone is a hard-to-repair gadget. Some sites even claim that Apple does not want to have its gadgets repaired. But with a little determination, you can replace the parts even right here at home with a Dallas, Texas phone repair service.

1. Batteries

All the iPhone series do not have removable batteries. Apple makes your job of replacing the batteries harder by embedding them onto the phones. Though they say that an iPhone battery only loses 14 percent of power after 500 times of heavy charging (around 1.5 years), your phone’s battery eventually needs a change. You can easily replace the obsolete battery with simple tools. There are various iPhone Repair Tool Kits which you can use to replace the battery. As a general rule, remember to replace the battery with only its original and similar type. This way, you can always be sure with the battery performances.

2. Display

A cracked display is one of the most common iPhone problems. The solution lies in replacing it with a new one. The job of replacing display requires technical expertise since it needs lots of steps. Though you can always replace it yourself with simple Apple repair tools (at your own risks, of course), it is always wise if you bring your phone to a service center for the job. As a display is one of your phone’s most important parts, make sure that you always get a new display –not of a refurbished one.

3. iPhone Case

An iPhone case is another iPhone part which can be replaced. In case you are bored with your Phone case, you can pick your tools and get it replaced. The tools you need are a SIM card eject tool, a Phillips #00 screwdriver, probe & pick set, and opening tools. You can use one of many DIYs sites on the Internet as your guidelines to make the job easier for you. The most common problem in replacing an iPhone case is that you may not get your phone to get into the new case properly. This is most caused by a fake product. The fake cases fail to meet the required precision for the iPhone device to get into it snugly.

4. SIM Card

SIM cards are hubs that connect you with other people or the Internet. They are provided by telecommunication companies. They are inserted into the iPhones to make it function properly as your telecommunication devices. Replacing a SIM card is probably the easiest of all iPhone’s parts replacements. You can replace it with the SIM card eject tool. But if the tool is out of reach, you can improvise by using a paper clip instead.

5. Phone Camera

A broken camera will only break your day. A camera replacement will bring back your day again. iPhone cameras, fortunately, are replaceable. But, unless you are an expert, your chance of replacing it without breaking other parts are zero. If you want to replace your iPhone camera, you should go to a service center.

There are other parts in an iPhone which could be replaced; in fact, most of them could be replaced. You can replace some of the parts yourself, but most other parts need an expert to replace them.